lunedì 9 novembre 2009

South Is Best

The Southest The Greatest.
Friday we played @ Litania in Palermo, with Go Back Home, hc new school. One of the greatest shows outside the Bari area so far, cool audience, great people, we spent the time with the guys in Luanvinika, cool as hell, talked and eated A LOT, after and before the show, they took us with them to take a ride in the city. I was aware about how beautiful Palermo was ... we will remember this show !

Sunday we played @ Happy Place. Get drunk in about 2 hours, we eated and drunked a lot, the place was really good, the show not that much, but we enjoyed our staying there, KWFOS and Gli Appesi were really cool to us, so it was a joyful evening even if the show wasn't that great.

Road, i'm coming back.


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