martedì 8 settembre 2009

hi ..

(listening to: The Slaiver - Why Brothers EP, such a shame this band broke up.)

Hi here's paCMan, i think i'll be the one managin' this blog, opened up just to share the visions of everything's happening in our little world.
Our debut album "Across The Deadline" out since May, it's still available on the distributors linked on our myspace page:

As for now, we're writing new songs, and trying to understand what to do on our nexts moves. Trying to do the right things, as usual.
New dates are on the way to be confirmed so, let's hope to meet some new cool people on our way.

Our last two shows were lot of fun.

Crispiano: The place was cool as fuck, Cast Thy Eyes incredible as usual, so glad to have shared once again the stage with them, the guys of Masseria Valente were great, LAD, Hobophobic, and evryone alse there makes us fell at home. The gig was ok, outside was hot as hell and that didn't helped us at all !

KWMF: The place was garbage, too chic for us and the bands there. The bill was cool, glad to have played the first time with Waiting For Better Days, but all the bands there rocked a lot, Mal The Core stuff set up a great bill and a great festival, the set was fun, lots of moshpit, stage diving a crowd surfing. Just what we use to do every time. here's some videos from that performance. Enjoy.