martedì 13 ottobre 2009


(listening to Leviathan - Mastodon)

October Not Sober

it wasn't sober at all, first night the gig was "produced" by a drunk man trying to play everyhing he could during our set .. but, let's take it from the top.

We brought with us as always our man, T3NCH1.

09 October @ LND - Cellino Attanasio TE w/ MuD + Vibratacore + Ass Gaping

We arrived in Teramo at 7 pm, after going to San Nicolò for reasons our GPS doesn't even gave us ... Mauro And his drummer were there, really cool guys. Togheter we went to the place, LND in Cellino Attanasio. Nice place, with cool people, little but very cool, there we met Andrea, Alessandro and the rest of Vibratacore, then we went to eat to an Agriturismo near the venue, starting to get sober with MuD and vibratacore with the help of some wine, contorning the pasta con frutti di mare ! GODDAMN !

The show was ok, before us Ass Gaping, Mud and Vibratacore destroyed the stage, cool bands!
we played too fuckin late, it was like 2pm, with almost no people, but it was good the same, i was about to broke my mic on this "drunkman" that was always coming on stage, he was fucked up, but no problem at all, a short show during OUR show !
Then the sleeping ... oh the sleeping .. 5 guys in 1 van. 3 on the seats, 1 in the back with the lovely company of heads, snares, cabinets, mics and one on the floor between the seats .. fuck, THIS IS ROCK N ROLL !

10 October @ La PeNa - Castelfidardo

The place was one of the coolest places i've ever played in. 1 show room, not too much long and huge, a sketched stage, one hell of a place. Before us our friends from Ulteriori (hc from L'aquila). Pure hc played fast and loud, no frangetta, great people, and a great band !
We played after them, it was a fucking badass show. Pits, Stage Divings, and even our usual Wall Of Death during "A strife of blood". We couldn't ask for anything better. After us MuD destroyed the rest of the place. We stayed with them and Ulteriori after the show, talking and stuff, they were cool to us, it was a please playing and sharing the stage with them.
We slept 3 of us in the place (thanks to Stefano from La PeNa for giving us his place to sleep in). the other 2 in the van, in a more comfortable way respect to the day before.

It was a great weekend, great places, cool bands, and cool people .. i'm looking after to get my ass on the road again.